The organization of slaughtering wajib sacrifice services in Turkey is carried out in two modern and hygienic slaughterhouses in our campuses at Uskudar and Kucuk Camlica under the supervision of professional butchers. This service is provided to the residents of Istanbul by appointment on the first two days of Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice). Animals are slaughtered either in the presence of the donors or by getting their proxy. One third of the meat is donated to our foundation. Part of this meat is used in our meal centers, education institutions, and part of it is regularly delivered to the needy families in Istanbul as part of our food boxes.

The sacrificial animals donated to our foundation are sacrificed by getting proxy from the donors in in about forty countries in various regions such as Africa, Asia, the Balkans, Caucasia, Middle and Far East. In addition to regular personnel working at our institutions and partner institutions in those countries, this organization is carried out by the volunteers selected from among our foundation personnel. The meat of the animals sacrificed is distributed to the needy, suffered, and poor families on the days of Feast of Sacrifice.


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