Sacrifice services, including slaughtering nadhr, aqiqa, voluntary sacrifices, are given in our center in Uskudar by the tomb of Aziz Mahmud Hudayi seven days a week. Part of the meat of the sacrifices sacrificed either in the presence of the donors or by getting proxy from the donor is used to cook meals in our soup kitchens and for the students hosted in the education institutions of our foundation. Some of this meat is distributed to needy families in Istanbul as part of our food boxes. As for the sacrifices donated as nadhr, aqiqa, and voluntary sacrifices to be slaughtered abroad, they are sacrificed in the countries that we provide services either at the institutions administered by Hudayi members or at the partner institutions. First projects are prepared for handling such sacrificial services in those institutions and then the projects are carried out as sacrifices in shares. The meat of the sacrificed animals is distributed to the needy families, widows and orphans, to the students studying at Qur’anic courses, madrasas and Imam Hatip High Schools.


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